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WOahh tetiba ak mau buat review tentang movie plak hahaha..memang tak de kerja betul ak nih..dah la dah lama habis dan dah basi pun tapi ak nak story mory gak hehheh...dan jangan muntah plak sebab ak mau spekang jap hahahah

and now the nominees are......giler budak my review for the last episode of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II...from the plot of the story I can only give 8 out of 10..and why does this happen?? Of course I'm one of the biggest fan of HP but for this last chapter I'm totally speechless...for me the climax for this movie definitely when the time HP has a battle with You-Know-Who "Voldemort"...
Does you feel curious why the plot is different from the book?yeahhh totally different if you have and read it but for those who didn't, poor them...what is the different? did you remembered that HP throw himself down from Hagrid arms? No! No! No! its not like that..Hagrid lowered HP on the ground because Voldemort said so...

Then, for the part that HP suddenly swift his wand to battle with Voldemort and Neville the brave kid disappeared in the middle of the battle and suddenly wake up in the building...Then all suddenly screaming Harry Potter is alive...Woahh I can't believe this..why they changed this movie again...GRRRRRRR Expelliarmus

The truth is HP does not suddenly fight with Voldemort..he pull his Invisibility Cloak from inside his robes and help Neville who's under Body-Bind see there is a cloak under him but from the movie there isn't right? or is it I'm just too blind and didn't see it huhhhhh...then HP started to put shield charm "Protego" around the people he love before started the Big battle...

Woahh looks like now I'm totally want to write the whole of the story kekeke...Want to hear more?if not never mind I'm still want to tell more huahuahua...Yeahh..then during HP conversation with Voldemort before the battle..this is very important okay because we want to know why the elder wand does not functional for Voldemort and only for HP himself..but still the plot is lacking..(ㅠ__ㅠ)

And lastly, the ending...this one I'm definitely feel sad..too simple and doesn't looks happy ending to me if it will end like this..beside this is the last movie the last chapter of the HP books..why did you do this? why don't you introduce their children names? why don't you tell about Neville becoming the professor? why? why?

Some info for those didn't have the book
HP & Ginny children --> James, Albus Severus and Lily
Ron & Hermione children --> Rose and Hugo

What a sweet trio right? love their childish look (^__^)
to see more CLICK

OMG I love this picca..the hair cut suit him right..ngeee

timeline of actors from harry potter10
Okay enough with the review...tired already mehh

~the end~

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