Here they come!!!

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Yeah!! at last they have comeback with new album,new concept and new style..after 1 year and a month preparing for this 5th album or also known as 5Jib..they really had grown so much with their vocals and dance..although some might said that their MV for this album is a bit the same as their previous album Bonamana and Sorry Sorry..but for me it still has its own creativity...yeahhh you know that all of the member did give their own idea for the dance choreography...nice right
(sila kawal perasaan anda di bulan puasa ini dengan gambar di atas kekeke)

and now presenting the new MV for Super Junior 5Jib "Mr Simple"

and here also I include some of the intro from the SMEnt youtube account...

♬ Super Junior_ Mr. Simple ℗ S.M.Entertainment
♪ Download on iTunes : CLICK
☞ More Album Info. [Language : KOR / ENG / JPN / CHN] : CLICK
▷ Introduction Leader of Global Korean Wave, Super Junior, Returns to Korea at Last! Releasing the 5th Album 'Mr. Simple' on August 3rd!The leader of global Korean Wave who mesmerized the whole world beyond Korea, Super Junior, is finally returning home with the 5th album.The title song, 'Mr. Simple', is a 'SJ FUNKY' song created for Super Junior only, and it can be considered as the final version of 'SJ FUNKY' following 'SORRY, SORRY' and 'BONAMANA' that became a worldwide hit.The lyric describes the reality where modern people living in a complicated world failing to achieve what they intended to and losing their love and dreams without the breadth of mind in a simple way with humorous and metaphorical words, meaning "There is no need to take everything very serious. Simple and easy way can rather be a better choice for finding oneself" like the title, 'Mr. Simple.
'▷ Title Song : Mr. Simple
Lyrics, composed & Arranged by YOO, YOUNG JIN
▷ Album : 'Mr. Simple' Super Junior The 5th Album
▷ Artist : Super Junior 슈퍼주니어


and now What say you? Did you enjoy the MV? For me I'm enjoying it damn so much kekeke..but for your opinion What say you?

*Tetiba ak speaking plak kat sini kekeke..excited terlebih so habis berterabur jadinya..tapi ada ak kesah ahaksss....opsss kurangkan ketawa besor di bulan yang mulia ini hihihi

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