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It is time for Kpoppers to go wild especially this two little kiddos hahahahaha...
 WARNING!! This post totally overload with picture (^O^)/``

Before entering Wefie is a must


Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil fully booked by VIP
Bang Bang Bang Performance still ringing in ma head

Taeyang @ Teddy the talented singer, songwriter and dancer
uri ulljang leader Kwon Ji Young @ GDragon
Choi Seung Hyun @ TOP the talented rapper.. my bias

That's all some of the picture that I had taken using my baby Samsung. The quality not so bad right heeee... The concert totally amazing, awesome and unforgettable. After a long time not going to any kpop concert now finally is the time. THE BIG BANG TIME DEAR VIP !!! Seeing all 5 of them although from far away still unbelievable. Such a nice stage, superb performance, good voice, friendly and entertain fan nicely. Too bad can't make it for their first tour in Malaysia before. Now I'm just wishing for the next world tour. 

Getting something as souvenir 

~ xoxo~
~Anyeong Big Bang oppadeul~
~Ja matta ne~

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