7:24 PM

yup I got this virus again and what?? it happen now during this fast season OMG OMG OMG.. its was like a week I can't sleep early..yup a week people a week..please god make me sleep know what my solution for this virus?

1)rolling around my bed for about 10 times
2)imagine something you want to eat
3)think of someone you like
4)after think of someone, imagine the place and what you do
5)create a story about you and that person
6)make sure the story does not involve anyone except you yourself (0_O)
7)suddenly you wake up in the morning with the unfinished story
8)make sure to continue the story on the next day

The end....

and you know what this is totally proven ahhahaa because when I'm wake up the next day I totally forgot when did I suddenly by continuing this step hell yeah a new story can be remake hahahahaha..maybe I should be a writer some day

That's all for today
xoxo from me cik sikulipat

suddenly started speaking...practice make perfect people hehehe

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