One of My Wishlist Done

8:00 AM

Yeahhhh... at last I've got what I want for this year..although it's a bit late la kan..
So what is it??

Ticket to Korea...sadly nope and still counting for this 

Playing around with my buddies at Genting Highland...nope too because too busy for this semester but wishing for this to happen too

Kachak kachak with polaroid..OMG hopefully this to be true 

Since two of my wishlist are done "Super Show 3 and Island Day"
My last dream of course about this

Charles & Keith boutique

Now I can cross one of my wishlist and smiling brightly heheheh..

Yeahhh..girls and woman never can be separated from this..its like their second home so don't bother if suddenly your girlfriend, sweetheart, darling, housewife, sister or mom rushing to the store immediately

Wanna see what my wishlist looks like?? 
jeng jeng jeng....

erkkk..heels?? yeah my most favorite kind of shoes..too high for me??
no matter what people gonna say about it..importantly its my money and not yours :p

That's all from me...wondering when gonna wear this hehehe

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4 bUdak gEtah

  1. wooo wooo. nape sume ade heels ni??? nk jugak......huhu

  2. hehehe sila g beli ye..nanti reramai kita melaram sesama hehehe

  3. uits.. ang beli heels nie ka?? menarik n cantik colour.. brp inch?? hak4.. mama tau hbs r ang.. hu4.. ang ngn aku leh buka kedai kasut nnt.. kwaha4..

  4. hahahah YES la ak beli bajet utk time kenduri abg nnt hahahaha..brape inch pon ak sure 4 kot hahaha


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