Beautiful World from The Big Name "W"

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Oh nooo...after 14 years they have been with us and now they'll wave goodbye from the big name "WESTLIFE"

Starting to know them since their first debut in 1998 and loving their first single "Swear It Again" in 1999...


During that time I'm still in junior school okay huhuhu..
They really had lots of single and all of the song are really the best....
Their second album "Coast to Coast"

Yeahhhh....My favorite third album 'World of Our Own"

The fourth album "Unbreakable - The Greatest Hits Vol.1"

The "Turnaround" album

And lots more of album until 2011..
Here are some summary of their album starting the first debut and until now

Westlife (1999)
Turnaround (2003)
Face to Face (2005)
Back Home (2007)
Where We Are (2009)
Gravity (2010)
Greatest Hits (2011)

My first collection was their single of "Bob Bob Baby"
And of course at that time the technology was not so extravaganza like nowadays..
The album was a cassette and not a CD okay..
And it was a twin pack hehehe..
Thanks to my dad for buying me this....

And now for the last time..their last song for all of us who LOVE the name "WESTLIFE"
 "Beautiful World"
Just watch it HERE since the vid can't be uploaded

Westlife's autographs
how I wish to get those signature
This year they did come to Malaysia and unfortunately I can't go and met them..
So touching lorrrr wuwuwuwu...

Bubye from now...
Keep listening to this new and last song from the greatest UK band
"WESTLIFE always in my heart"

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