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Hai hai hooiiiii....
I'm back with the hot topic...erkkk does it too hot to be said here mention in my Darling Suzai new post "Glamorous"...thank to her brilliant we can be glamoured any time any for me the looks that I always want for any event just a natural light makeup...

Tips to Achieve Natural but Glamorous Look

Look at Natalie Portman natural or nude makeup...
So envy with her smooth skin and glamorous look... 
Just follow the tips to be glamour like this CLICK ^^

selena gomez glamour september 2011

But for those who love bright color and still the light makeup..lets be glam like Selena Gomez..
And most importantly the dresses that will make us looks stunning with what ever dresses we'll wear..

Looks damn glamour but not suitable for Muslim like us right^^
Those who are freaky with sweet pinky here the best I can say..although I'm not so into the pink theme but for this I can't resist in love with it hohohohohoho..see more design and color HERE

my next dream dress for Eid kekekeke
Nice right the pink dress wooottt woootttt...
And lastly my admire person...

Hilary Duff Pictures & Photos

Hilary Duff in the house people...
She always have the nice look, nice style, nice hair and the most importantly is the natural makeup..
Totally adore her clean image and oh yeahhh she's married...
Lucky him for married her yohohoohooo
Black..Brown..Blonde..all are perfect lor haishhhhh so damn envy..
But still for us black is already show the beauty of an Asian..
Thumbs up for yourself d(^___^)b

In twilight 

Hilary Duff picture

Hilary Duff picture

credit picca to HDfansiter

Woahhh all of her makeup are natural...dying to try this soon hehehehe

That's all for today..lots of Hollywood beauty here tehehhehe...changing the mood a little bit so that you're not bored with my freaky towards Kpop (^____-)

hilary duff did replay my tweet okay..this is totally so true haahah..
I see someone jealous with me already :p
there is also tweet from chad michael murray...
OMG like wanna to scream to the whole world okay when they did replay your tweet...

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2 bUdak gEtah

  1. HILARY DUFF is also my idol larr..huhuuuu suke giler beliau x over cam si miley tuh!! hahahhaa

  2. heheheh our idol are the best dear^^


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