yeahh its already decEmber

11:43 PM

yohohoho the end of the year of favorite month of year my wishing list for next year are...jeng jeng jenggggg
1-one and the only one..although i know this can't be true...none other that holiday to Korea lovely country ehhehe

2-this wish is a must since it's about death and alive hahahaha...get the SUPER SHOW 3 ticket hohohoho...must buy it so i can meet my seobang again yeahhh

3-wish can go again to genting with all my top list is to play the spiderman..ahhaha it's been my dream to try it since the first day it had been opened...OMG can't wait for this...dear buddies i'm not afraid for trying all of the game wokehhhh!!!
this picca bring back all the memory..can you ride it a million times..ahhahaha
of course i can hoohohoh

4-holiday to any island...ahhaha such a demand wish right...dear buddies,remember right we make a promise to go somewhere before graduate...ehhehe lets go somewhere else again next year
remember this scene buddies...lets watch it again \(^_^)/

5-got a new heel since the old already ruined...ahhaha what a "ganas" girl...dear my lovely heel sorry for ruining you..heheheh OMG all this pretty2 baby...
BUT not this one wokehhh hahahaha

6-want to eat a lot of ice cream until explode ahhahaha

not many wishlist wishlist already got from my bro...
i'll upload the item picca later hehehe...thanks bro love it

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1 bUdak gEtah

  1. salam..
    huhuhu babe..yup KOREA, pulau and GENTING tuh impian bersama2 yer...but...yg sedihnyer
    SUPERSHOW 3 trpakse sy lepaskan...warghhhhhhhhhh (T___T)


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