Everything happens for a reason

3:14 AM

I love his statement....

"People just misunderstood everything. They thought I was a racist against the Koreans. Which is weird because I’m Korean and my parents are Korean. So that’s kind of impossible. I just said a lot of stupid things when I was younger. And, no, I don’t think they were too harsh. Everything happens for a reason, people make mistakes, and I made a mistake. It just depends on how you learn from it. If you can grow from it and become a better person; at the end of the day it’s all good. When I look back at myself, I was just negative, ignorant and immature back then."

"Well I didn’t really run away. There is more to the story than people know but I can’t really say everything. I didn’t just “run away,” there is just much more to the story than people know. It’s because of a lot of things, I mean, they don’t really have to know. What happened in the past is over. There is no reason why we need to talk about it again. It was a long time ago. There was a lot of different ways I could have handled the situation but that’s just how I handled it. Maybe I was wrong, and maybe I wasn’t. I don’t really regret it. "

yeahhh..what in the past should not be talked again..stop questioning anymore and give him some space..people makes mistakes and also me myself...peace to the world V(^-^)V

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