Miss My Hyper Active Kids

10:20 PM

Hey what's up....so how's  your day today? my day was simply just like yesterday..went to classes since it was fully pack of schedule..but still on the evening the class was cancel because of we need to be going somewhere in grouping...yeahhh in grouping to any company visit by ourselves and in the end we aren't hahahah...

Why not? because the company replied we need to go next week...that's right next week hahaha so the whole time was just hanging around in the room with the laptop in front of my face and no blink hahahah...I heard someone envy with my life somewhere around the corner teheheheh..don't be silly people, there is nothing to be envied of..just enjoy your whole life and stop trying to be like some other people...confuse mehh 

Erkk what the hell I'm talking about today...this not a forum or a counseling blog kekeke..after too much of sleep today than waking up feel so hungry...oh no its already 10.30pm and yes too damn lazy going to the cafe and buying anything...thank god there's still "my precious" mamee the buddies hahaha...so this is how you maintain to be so skinny kekeke

This kid is so weird right..the entry was about missing her kids but the intro was damn long hahahah..pardon me if too much of unimportant silly things..but still it's my post and not your post hahahaha back to the title..my cute little kids at home..how's your day my dear? Heard that you have been travelling somewhere this week..don't you miss your mommy? I'll already miss both of you...take care of yourselves okay...dear sista take good care of them for me okay wink wink (^__-)

Hey!! since when you have kid? and both of it?

For those who did following my blog, there'll understand about who I mention of..wanna know who are my kids? Meet my cutie pie kekeke..if you said there are not cute..i'll smack down all of you right away

sleepy mode mehh just like me hahha

Jack bullying Angelica

That's all from me cik sikulipat..
missing my kids and just have to wait next year to meet both of them..
xoxo for now...

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