Life as An Engineering Student

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Gonna write in English plus a bit of manglish today..asah skill la katakan hahaha..and this post damn too long so please read it if you want lor and leave it if lazy enough..emo suddenly teheheheee...wink (^_-)

Hello peeps..its already morning and hell yeah I don't have any intention to sleep yet..still got to wake early for tomorrow classes...haihhh already final year still MALAS-MALAS again ahhaha..just avoid this crazy kid still a kid huhhh 
back to the post title..
As you all know and for those who doesn't know anything..yes I'm an Engineering student...still studying until want to explode aishhhh...hopefully will be graduated on next year Insyaallah...wish me luck why and why I've post this entry...well just hanging around doing nothing except BW then "hey, what should I post today?" with a blank mind and nothing interesting topic..
Owh lets just talk about my student life and here it goes...

Starting from my school day as a Technic kid..yes still a kid lor since had to go through with a new things about what is "Engineering"..heyyy wait up..since when does you learning to be an Engineer? hahahah so what if I said this just the first step to be an you care about mylife lalalala..being an emo alone

Wokeh..stop being a childish person...2 years taking Civil Engineering inspired me to further my studies in this field...then the chance flying aggressively to my hand too much hyperbola liao...1 and a half years doing a foundation at CENFOS IIUM..before this just been called matriculation of IIUM PJ..

Finished the foundation..Alhamdulillah thank to the almighty I can continue to IIUM Gombak...and now currently trying hard to finish this hard + crazy course...erkkk so now you're saying this course was a serial killer to your life...its too late my dear hahahhaa 

Engineering a hard + terrible course???
Done with my real life story and now lets imagine what's my real life as an Engineering I love doing something practical than theory thing...hell yeahh not so good in memorizing too long facts but it's a WAJIB lor...that's why I hate history ahhahaha...haiyooo just forget that silly fact and enjoy the picca of an Engineering student...zassssssss

Tensile test
My partner doing the milling process
tool holder inside the CNC turning
the name just at the picca hahahah
Magnetic Particle Inspection experiment
My favourite sand casting <3....
Why I love this? because got to play with the black sand hahaha weirdo kid..

Deary crazy classmate hehehe
Still can smile brightly liao...

The conclusion..the life as an Engineering student was so tough if you think it was..just chill a bit although there are lots of problem and dilemma...a closure example is me myself..first time knowing this field made me
then after go through with it suddenly became 
but now with all the support from my family and colleagues
this life must be go on until I die...erkkk too young to die hahaha
and then thinking of the working life...too much scary mehh..owhh what a life...

That's all for today...getting an idea to write this long post urghhh..where does it came seriously..this is soooooo not me hahahahaha...

xoxo from me cik sikulipat the becoming Engineer *hopefully

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2 bUdak gEtah

  1. good luck makcik!been an engineering student was much more great and happier compare to being an engineer.sigh

  2. huhu wandering nak keja apa nnt ahhaha


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