The Return Of The Wolf!!

9:17 PM

Woahhh its shocking when me myself going to the books warehouse and buying all those books especially English its definitely true I have buying all the books and it happen not only one but lots of book...this girl totally love to read....erkkkk gonna throw up right away hahahaha...lets talk about the event....

 The Greatest Book Sale On Earth!
MAEPS, Serdang

Hooyeahhh...this book sale has started on 7th Oct until 16th Oct today 16th Oct was the last day of the sale..for those who did went there today are the luckiest person in the world kekeke...

too much of books???nah not really
 This one is not from the sale so the price is a bit expensive then the books above...but its not too much expensive lor so all of you deserve to buy this....teheeheee wanna know the price of the books? one book for RM8 so don't you feel like wanna grab all of it huhuhu...
currently reading...

That's all for today...mood of reading must be on the way...aishhh midterm is showing its face but still got time for reading this???whatever hahahahaha

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2 bUdak gEtah

  1. biar betul satu buku rm8? buku original ke x tu? huhu... best nyer....

  2. yup btol rm8 je...cuma yg dummies tu je rm12 hehehehhe....


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