Walking by me aNd you

1:50 PM

going outing with my ka che..
before that...
waiting for her bro at kl sentral...
then when her bro is started to go to work..
our journey is started to begin..hehehe

as usual our favorite place..TS
walking and walking and walking..
searching and searching and searching..
not one are my taste...hahaha
so that mean..
for coming jyj showcase...
just need to wear the old cloth lor..ㅠㅠ
then..my very favorite place
ahjumma stall..kekeke "mystar"
why i come again to this stall???
because last week all the light stick already gone baby gone..
so today I've got to buy it...yeahhh

ka che as model of the day!!

finish surrounding TS..
my tummy so so crazy because of
no food in it...heheh
searching for something to eat
then saw this girl eating something looks so yummy
'hot roll'...say ka che...
yeahhh I've never ate it before..
so...mine chicken n cheese...
she's with bbq chicken...

finish eating..must drink something...
ka che bought a blue blended drink...kekeke
while drinking...off to lowyat...
Oooo eemmmM Geeeee...my leg so want 'tercabut' lor
finish buying 50 dvd...
off to KLCC...huwaaaaaa ㅠㅠ

quick quick...i want a clean air...
hate it when walking at bb..
so hot and the air..urghhh not so clean...
with all the smoke coming from either vehicle or people...
so much hate it...
but still..if wanting to save money
just walking from TS to KLCC..
so much can be save although still got pain..huhhhh

KLCC i'm coming..
off to get my favorite drink..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
as usual 'honey lemon'..
arghhhh..don't care what people said..
what i care was my tummy want this drink so bad...
while drinking..selca time...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
both of us love selca..
did you know what is selca??
just a short form of self camera = selca ...hahaha

finish for resting...
ka che wanting for cd..
search it at izzy..but none
then i saw..jaypark cd...OMG..just rm10.00
now i'm totally felt depressed...really should buy the cd..ㅠㅠ

its time to say bubye to KLCC...
our feet..perghhh so in pain...
my feet very 'melecet'....arghhh i hate it
off buying tickets..wait for the tren..then here we go...
uia we're back..

p/s moral of the story..
when something already in front of your eyes..don't hesitate just grab it..
"sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tidak berguna lagi"

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2 bUdak gEtah

  1. x habeh2 ngn honey lemon die tu lau singgah klcc...
    ngaa, ape la mkcik air tu ltk~

  2. ak dah ketagih nih sang pencinta ooii heheh


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