twitter fever

4:03 PM

this week was a wonderful week
after JYJ fever still going on
what fever?? of course my JYJ fever hahaha
starting from the day me and my friend went back from seeing them
until then their song still on my lappy
huarghhhhh!!! seem cant resist it
ohh dear...please wake up lor...
your final is coming... everyday
twitter always by my side...
tup tup...
yoochun ahhhh...
he's on twitter..
OMG...this cant be true...
then he tweet his picca...kyaaaaaa
its damn so true...he's being contact with his drama's friend
kyaaaa..wishing he'll replying my tweet kekeke
follow him now 6002theMicky

then today my very unforgettable day..
my seobang...kekeke
KIM JAE JOONG...he's on twitter
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....then his new picca
OMGGGG..nose bleed...diesssss
he's always be my lovely seobang
the reason..heheheh he's a cat lover...meowwww
kekeekek...the same as me...
follow my seobang now mjjeje

" mjjeje: @6002TheMicky Yoochun-ah T_T

6002TheMicky: @mjjeje You’re right next to me, what are you saying Yoochun-ah for..!

mjjej: Yoochun-ah Voila I changed my picture "

kekeke..their tweet so funny
and now still waiting confirmation that
is it junsu also got his twitter acc..
seems like this acc is him..0101xiahtic
yeah its junsu..and his picca kyaaaa


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