mode::In lOve in JYJ

2:04 PM

OMG...yesterday was a happy moment for me...
after seeing their performance..all I can say was
"DAEBAK...JYJ you are the best.."

although i cant snap any piccas of them..
its all the "RELA" fault..what the heck..
its only just a short period by the way..urghhhh stupid RELA
I wish I can kick their BUTT....hahahah
so sad cant snap their piccas especially my hubby jaejoongie..wuwuwu
but now I'm damn so happy coz already got their album..
"The Beginning.." so in love with their songs...
here some fancam that I've got from youtube..
lucky fan rite coz got a clear video and can saw their face clearly..

ok will update more about jyj later..
~the end~

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