9 pirates ^^

7:04 PM

OMG..after many days hours minutes seconds i've been waiting for this..at last it has release the new chapter...while reading it..one by one the crew is out..woahhhh new look new style..
franky..zoro..brook..nami..usopp..sanji..chopper..robin and
forever the hero of the crew luffy

although the anime is still a long way to go to catch up to the manga...i'll never miss to watch it since i love to watch anime more than read a manga..why?? because i love to see something moving than seeing something so static...kekekeke

and now..while waiting for the anime to continue..manga is a must since
the crew is coming out..i'll be waiting for this to be true
and now it's true...
hell yeah!!! their adventure is a must!!
i can't wait for this...

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