OMG i'm speechless..kekeke

9:58 PM

at last i can hear their song..
although its just a demo..but still...
a true FAN... nothing can stop me
from loving them..heheheh

"Ayy girl? tried to make you my baby
Ayy girl? instead you make me go crazy
I’m losin’ my cool
Playing me for a fool.."

and then..their Malaysia promo...
Oooo eeemmmM GGeeee..
how i miss them so much... usual its micky the spoken person...
although its just a short promo..
cant wait to meet them...goshhhh

mode::dark choco in my hand..kekeke

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1 bUdak gEtah

  1. yah...!
    yg dua org tu sbut "JYJ" je?
    x ptut la weyh..~
    haha, micky.. hi!


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