This is why I never kill spiders

8:07 PM

Woahhh say no to spider to me...
Because of spider crawling in my dream...
 To avoid it coming to me, I had fallen from my bed... 
What a weird crazy dream [-____-]
Totally allergic to insect especially with lots of small hairy leg...
Either spider or other insects I prefer creature with no leg...
Yeahhh no leg like the snake yohohoohooo...
Still I'm not a weird person okay (^-^\\\\

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3 bUdak gEtah

  1. erk....snake?? that one la yg aku plg trauma...huhu

  2. ok la tu..mana tau leh jadi spiderwomen nnt.. hehe

  3. hehhe cik liana kita...teingin nk pegang lagi kot

    delarocha:: pekerjaan terbaru tu..panjat2 walls huhu


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