My Bro Wedding Days Chapter 2

8:05 PM

People people in the world here again I come and face you all heheheh...really addicted with fantasy lets continue with the chapter 2 of my bro I said before there are some task that I've done and now you'll gotta see it...hell yeahhh the "proudly-not-to-be-taylor" is totally excited wanna to share the picca been snap during the event...enjoy the show heheheh

mode::ambil aura orang kahwin ^^d

mommy and sista
pure white as pure like me kekekke
so here the was it?nice right?
As I posted before the proof of my handmade dowry...FYI its only the money okay and Selangors' dowry is the highest compare to other state lalalalaaa

priceless..happy semacam jerk hehehe
sista in law
During the solemnization, the "Atok Kadi" ask the bride either she's accept and want to be solemn or not..the point is he's so funny when suddenly he said
"Hah, tak sabar la tu"  something like that la...
Can't really remembered it hehehhe sorry to say sorry to say...

For all grooms-to-be all the best with the "Atok Kadi" ^___^

Last but not least, the moment with my dad

xoxo from me cik Sikulipat..
Gonna wait for my other chapter? d(^____^)b

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2 bUdak gEtah

  1. alolololo..comelnyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ABG KO!! hahahhahah...kakk ipaq jgn marah no. hahhaa..btw adikku wanie-chan SILE BG LALUAN KAT AKK SUZAI ni dlu ok bru hg ble lnsungkn hg b4 mine, sile jgn berangan!! hahahhahahah XD

  2. hahaha bkan ari tu u kata u adik ke kekkeke..xpe2 kasi u dulu la baru meletopss baboommmm gitu kekeke


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