My Bro Wedding Days Chapter 4

1:19 AM

And here the forth and the last chapter of my bro wedding days..the ceremony the event the "majlis" is now all about what happened at my home sweet home...unfortunately there are only just a few of picture that I've able to snap..what a bad luck rite..too busy and this make me feel totally unhappy fuuuuuu...just have to wait for pictures from the photographer that day...just enjoy the picture that available in my lappy kekekekeee...

cre : nasirzin

cre : nasirzin

Hah nampak perbezaan photographer bertauliah dan tak bertauliah....tapi cun gak ape dengan hasil kepakaran kehalusan tangan ak ni hehehe
Thanks to my buddies who's willing to come that day...muchas gracias

Miss Liana aka my ka che

Mr Zhaf and Mr Hafiz my Taiping buddies

XOXO si photographer comey kekeke

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  1. yunk, hard to say but seems like ur brother's face was look alike with awe....hahahaha.... just ur brother tembam ckit...haha..gurau2..


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