The Masseur Girl

1:43 AM

Last week off to somewhere so none of any and familia had to go to Tanjung Malim as my sista gonna grab her convocation robe...then after that went back to Kamunting for one night before going back to Kedah again..although the one who's driving is my dad, me the one on the back also felt cramped for the whole day..wandering if one fine day I'll got the chance to be on massaged therapy and not the one doing the massaging hahaha..

why? why? why? me the only one cik sikulipat always given the job as the masseur by my dad...he said that my hand got the feeling feeling mehhh then his other son and daughter...whattttt does you want to ignore it? obey it? hell yeahhh its your dad you're talking about so just do it la hahahaha..whattttt still can believe it?? wanna me to show it?? the power of cute hand cik sikulipat ahahhaha...cannot lor if you're a gegurl can lor but if not say no no no kekeke..

Enjoy this song for today

And also this lovely clip from a young boy that I wish I can learn to be like him (^__^)
Nothing to say just "WOW, Fantastic baby" 

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2 bUdak gEtah

  1. aku pon agree ngan ayah ko weh..hahaha.... tgn kecik je, tp mcm tgn increduble hulk yg urut..hahaha

  2. hehehe dah merasa ya..x dapat la nak merasa lagi kekekeke


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