My Bro Wedding Days Chapter 1

3:41 AM

Hai hai hai..lately so busy with the preparation for my bro weds..and at last Alhamdulillah its all settle but only for the bride's now currently busy for the groom's reception and that is of course my home sweet home..too much of work undone so what can I say "Please move faster la wani since your bro kenduri is coming in less than 2 weeks"...motivation for encouraging my own self that's all for today since it's already my time to sleep hohoohohoo and without further a dew here one picture on the "akad nikah" or we say solemnization day..just one okay and to see it more wait for the other chapter of it kekeke...

So how was it? nice and cool right the the lighting and its match with the "hantaran"..and guess what from this picture also you can imagine what was the theme for the groom's reception hehehe...Okay see ya again peeps...

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