JB is The ONE

9:51 AM

Hai hai hai..it's me again hehhehe..sorry for the late update but I think no one are waiting isn't it..wuwuwuwu never mind I'll just keep updating yohohohoho...okay the post today, what is all about JB? Johor Bharu? no it's not that place...it's a person name and guess what...you must think of this person right 

and the answer is ddaenggg!!! totally wrong hahahaha...as the whole world will think about this little kid but for me the KPOP freak will think of this adorable kid...and guess what he looks a bit like Henry from Super Junior and sometime can be seen as GD then Gikwang then Wooyoung..arghhh too many resembles but still love this kid tehehhehe

His name Im Jae Bum 임재범 and not Jay Park okay hehehe

He was born on January 6, 1994..
OMG our little dongsaeng too adorable with his puffy cheek..wanna pinch it so much keke

Hell yeahhh...who can't resist his sweet smile like this..anyone put your hands up hahaha..totally day dreaming and night dreaming hehehehe my with my new word

A dorky dance during Dream High season 2..so funny with the expression..
Love his voice, his dance and of course his smile tehhehehe
What I can say I'm always attracted to this type of person who can sing, dance and act while at the same time gives us a sweet bright smile...as example for my other bias like Kim Jaejoong and Jang Wooyoung..both of them gives me the same expression like this kid (^____^)

Yeahh yeahhh I know too much of  praising but who cares it's my own opinion hahaha

Wish can be like Kang Sora in this drama who's got an attention from JB sweetness..
That's all for today peeps..may all your day shining as brightly as you seen his sweet smile.. 

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