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After a long period of time, finally I can continue my story of business trip to Japan. What a 'basi' story already. As my previous post for Part I , the story is all about the first night in Japan. First night just sightseeing with my Japanese boss and now we continue with the second part of the business trip.

The reason for this trip is all about presentation. Therefore, the night before the presentation we practice really hard wishing for the best result. Finally the day came, and yes we did our best due to the language barrier. See the purple outfit. Its represent our country Malaysia, traditional cloth of batik. Why we chose this? Its all because of our Japanese boss idea. Such a great idea from someone who not from its own country.

Done with the presentation and received present from the big big boss
Guess what, the present is money uolls. So lets enjoy!!!!
Dinner time with all participants. Eating, standing and talking with each other

Done for the whole day with presentation, now times for sightseeing again...yeahhhh
As we know, Japan is full of high technology and all the people just walking the whole area to go for one place to the other. So, prepare your stamina and mental if wanna be a healthy person as Japanese.
Sightseeing for day 2
Shop for souvenir already close TT 
Now for the next day --> day 3 in Japan.. the most important place need to be visited is Tokyo Disneyland...yeahhhh...Only three of us explored the Disneyland without tour guide from our Japanese boss. Since me the only kid surrounding by fathers including ma Japanese boss, they just followed around what this kid wanna do hahahahaha... I wish can be in this place with all my bubbly friend but never mind, at least you got bodyguard around you (^o^)/`

Le tickets aka passport price. 3 Days passport minna san. What the..wanna build a house and stay there hahaha
Entrance already crowded so how bout the inside LOL!!
Too much game and place to visit but too many people queuing TT 
Baby photo the one that can't be forgotten
How can be a Disneyland without the Disney characters
Oh my Mickey heeee

Le cruise and unique building

The whole day inside Disneyland.. from morning until night hohohoho 
Shopping is a must wherever you are V(n__n)V
Done with part II of visiting Japan. FYI, we still stayed in the same hotel which is Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Hatchobori.   That's all for today, do read the next post for other information regarding Japan.

wanieychan in memoirs of Japan

Ja matta ne!! 

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  1. huuntonglahh waniechan dh smpi japan!!!! my bucket list tu disneyland tokyo tau hahhaha ye lah bygkn klu i ade dsana brsama wanie chan pasti lg gumbira kn! HAHAHAHA Alhamdulillah rzki keje kita best dpt travel kn =.) wpon rzki jodohnya lmbat HAHAHHAHA

    1. huntungglaaa sizzling suzai melancong ke europe hahahhahaha..jom kumpul fulus banyak-banyak kemudian pegi backpacking..selagi belum berjodoh kita enjoy dulu lalalala


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