Last Day Of Work Before Hari raya

4:35 PM

Asssalamualaikum peeps..
It is the last day of working and of course lots of worker already went back home... Due to less of friend in office and spoil my mood for working...Me myself still maintain in the office playing with the network plus hearing Raya song with full volume hahahahaha...To apply AL for today too 'segan & sayang'... Sorry for wasting the whole of my time for today boss but still you already holiday and it's my time to shine ehhh lalalalalaaa...

Since our working hours is 5pm so still got time to update this untouchable blog. Here just wanna sharing my opinion for this coming Hari Raya.

As a grown person, a kid becoming a woman, mood for Hari Raya just so-so. Maybe because of your place now is just home sweet home aka living with parent and took only half an hour to reach your dear house. Feeling of 'balik kampung' not so real compare to the time as a student. Why I say so? Just imagine, before this prepare everything especially your 'beg balik kampung plus kuih raya' but now just open your eyes *plopp home already hahahaha..But one good point is you don't have to rush going home early without stuck in jam. So peeps!! what your opinion for this coming Hari Raya?

Here I wanna wish to all of Muslim people and do come to my house for kuih raya heee...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 
Maaf Zahir not Batin to all of you

 *psstt...guess what,
only 4 people in the office and others already left half day or not coming anymore.
Really raya mode lorrr

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