Japan Business Trip Part I

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Starting my 2015 post with the experience of went to oversea which is Japan...
This is last year story so please behave with my long post hahahahahaha
As backpackers who like to travel everywhere, and for me just travel as a business trip  With one mission which was to had a final presentation between others participant from Japan and also others country. Thank god me myself do not had to present the whole slide due to language barrier.. Japanese language man..how to present if all participant speak Japanese (-___-)
Maybe I should learn Japanese for my long term preparation hohoho

Okay..lets continue with the picture  

 Starting depart from Penang Airport to KLIA then continue to Tokyo Narita Airport. We arrive at Narita Airport around 07:15am and took  to Tokyo for our next destination. The bus fee is JPY1000...convert by yourself okay hahahahaha. By the way, I took this trip on 10th Dec 2014 so arrived on 11th Dec 2014 lor...just a simple mathematics ...Remember guys, as soon you arrived at the airport to check out, make sure don't take any picture at the counter if you don't wanna be scolded hohohohohoho

Tokyo Narita Airport minna san...Ohaiyo gozaimas... 

Don't you wander why I said we? yup together with ma boss the manager and manager for administration.. Our big boss, Japanese guy already arrived 1 day earlier from us. So as soon as we arrived at Tokyo, what important is to find our big boss lor... Need to check in to our hotel maa..  to find our big boss also challenging mehh .. Walking with our big luggage...Yup! I know mine is bigger compared to others ... Finally, after a long journey walking by the street, we're able to meet our big boss at Nichias HQ ( FYI!! Our company known as NT Rubber Seals Sdn Bhd = Nichias Tozetsu Rubber Seals Sdn Bhd )   still need to wait again for him as he got meeting with the big boss at HQ ...when will I meet my KATIL

See what meeting looks like in Japan

At last, KATIL here I come ... Our first hotel in Japan was Hotel Villa Fontaine Tokyo-Hatchobori. We had staying here for three nights and of course "One person One room" .. Not single but double bed okay OMG speechless What interesting at Japan hotel, you got your pajama hahahahahaha jakun gilak...And the best thing was every day your toiletries will be replaced if you had used it...Stock bawak balik banyak la jawabnya

Hotel lobby and of course le room  

Anyone interested with this hotel can call or find it from the address stated above and of course the room charges per person also can be seen in the picture. And of course our hotel budget sponsored by our company lor. Don't worry Be happy!!!

Our first night in Tokyo, Japan  sightseeing around the city and guided by our big boss of course. Make sure to remember your station when walking around the street if don't wanna get lost. 
Beauty of the night in Tokyo, Japan 

That's all for part 1 of my business trip post and first night in Japan.
Totally a long post for today.
for spending your time reading it. Make sure to read the next post okay 

Ja matta ne!!

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