I'm back again

11:43 AM

yeahhh after 2 weeks no surfing in my life..now I can smile happily although it just only for 3 days...3 days means a lot to someone like me who live in a place called "ceruk dunia" hahahhah...so what to say about my missing days for last 2 weeks...its all because of my industrial practical...

first week...wahhh so damn bored what I can said...just wishing for the first week to finish early and yeahhhh at last its over....then time for weekend to enjoy lalalala...enjoy la sangat kan...if you all stayed at my place sure damn wanna feel like crazy...mau mati aja yang ak boleh katakan huhhhh...

why I said so? the coverage mehh coverage...for people who live and die with technology like me..giler poyo ak nih...sure damn bored lorhh..lucky enough I got the lappy and external full of entertainment hahahaha

then here come the second week...last week mehh..yeahhh it still boringgggg....arghhhhh but the best thing that I wanna said...the time goes faster than before hahaha lalalalla....for all my friend who just still finished their first week practical..good luck mehh until its finish...

and now how come I manage to surf and update this blog...yeahhh its all because I'm staying at my bro house with my family...so dont waste your time dear...mari kita bercanda puas-puas sebelum pulang ke ulu dunia hahahaha

sekian dari hati sedih cik sikulipat

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  1. gd luck babe..hahaha..i like the word..ceruk dunia..lol =P


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