My Life As A Half Chef

3:40 PM

Hai hai hallo peeps...

Watcha doing on today evening?
Me..just resting on my bed while circulating or rectangularing around it hahahahahhaha...sorry for the new word and its my own word daaaa :p

So this is my second post for this month...what the hell happen to this girl already erkkkkk totally not a good example for a freaky blogger..then don't ever be like me huhhhhh whateva ahahaha

Okay enough with the diva kind and continue with this post for today...why I'm saying life as a half chef??? of course not a real chef since i'm not really a good cooker compare to my what if I'm not..I still can learn about it one fine day InsyaAllah

There she goes again with the high spirit hooooo *letsdancetillmidnight hahahahhaha

Well since I'm just a jobless woman that currently trying to find a real job, my other job is just trying to be a half chef with skill of baking hooo...awesome dream for a jobless like me (TT)..what a sad reality life of a jobless wuwuwuwu

Just wanna share what I had cook before and please love it and don't hate grrrrrr

Murtabak bread

Rainbow cake for first trial

Batik cake

Puding Caramel

Bread Puding

Rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting for 2nd time
So from some of this picca I can say that this are my life as a half chef..doing nothing at home then suddenly thinking of what should I do for today or just say what can I eat for today hahahaha..that's all for today and see you for next month hahahaha totally just know that I'm too lazy for updating news...

XOXO my lovely peeps

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