First In Mylife is First....

1:32 AM

Hello peeps and its already February...
Starting a new day everyday *hand to the chest eyes looking up and totally bored bored and bored...
Since nothing to be updated here therefore just wanna share my life during the intern time...
Its nothing to compare during my life time being an intern before but this time a bit different...
Yup different surrounding what I can said...with lots of Engineer compare to operator ahhahaha
Beside this company is US and not Japan so the time is more flexible and what more to say...
ENJOY babe!!! (-^O^-)

I'm a bit amazed with this company because of some reason..

  • every place got aircond meh..including the prayer room and washroom...crazy man feel breezing in the washroom? hahahah...production line also aircond? superb electricity bill i guess for every month LOL
  • since it's US company so all cubicle are open and mix...mixture of people with different kind of level
  • all food are cheap...damn cheaper than outside...Kulim lor with lowest cost living and here inside already cheapest...still sometime eat outside too ahhahaha
  • such a huge company in my life.. 1 building divide into 2 plants with producing the same products at the same time..each plants got 2 units also the same products so calculate by yourself lor :p (all got 6 plants but before I finished the practical 1 plant being closed and don't ask me why)
  • before entering to every floor/place need to scan the ID card...lift also mehhhh...feel like entering the 5 stars hotel haahahah
  • totally unimaginable when you need to follow the rules which is speed limit only max 20 race inside the company okay when every plant got the road hump grrrrrr....hate to press the break every time near the hump
Done the talking and lets the picture tell the story...


the only product "Solar Panel"

We're twin "Waniey one and two"

my badge/ID

My teammate the Yield Group

Done the story morry totally not toy story kekekkeke...actually the time being there was so short and I hope I'll able to work there although the chances is a bit blah blah blah...nevermind than..importantly experience gained from there is more than enough for me V(^__^)V

Gonna miss this people especially this buddies


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