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11:49 PM

Hey buddies! Whatcha doin?
Just trying to update one more for today kekekeke...please ignore this crazy kid 
Since there was none of post on December 2012 and it was my favorite month lalalalala if you know why I said it like that hahahahaha 
Some updated what goes around for last year, month of December :

  • Still doing the internship program at First Solar and got salary ^^b
  • Got the chance to drive after many years pass away hoooyeahhhh
  • My sister was coming back home since the school holiday but still just for 2 weeks only..what a shame TT gov you shouldn't do this to your workers hahahahah
  • Lots of wedding to attend and me still single ahhahaha what a shame to myself erkkkk
  • Lastly of course my big day..the day where I'll keep growing nonstop until no more to grow hahahah

Thanks a bunch to my lovely parent for this lovely pinkish chocolate moist cake...this surprise totally make my day although its a bit late to be celebrated and not celebrating with my brother and sister..but still this is awesomeeeeeeeeee (@___@)

Heart to both of them <3
Last but not least, thanks for stopping by at my not so famous blog and heart to all of you too <3

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