Wedding Trip to Kuantan

9:31 AM

Assalamualaikum and hello there peeps...

Referring to my post title it's so obvious what it's all about lets check the trip plan...

First of all since I'm currently in my working mode, I need to plan it wisely either way I'll be on leave the next Monday hahaha...but thank God the plan is successful yeahhh

Continuing back, ride a bus from Alor Setar Kedah to Kuantan Pahang was totally a long journey back was damn hurt since it was like 11 to 12 hours to reach there but the moment I reached to the destination the feelings keep changing..yeah it was a happy day since I could met all my friend especially my ex roommates

Meeting with all of them totally made my day since it was "long time no see scene"..I could saw the happy face on each one of us (°__^)

Okay now enough with the blabbing and enjoy the picture of the day

Staying for a while after the whole day in a bus..thanks sista for coming and fetching me at the bus station

My lovely ex roommate senior sista from my 2nd year until  their last year♥♥

Fellow senior sista aka her buddies ♥♥

The not complete roommate while waiting for the last one ♥♥

Happy meeting all of them the crazy yet sweetie pie person kekeke ♥♥

At last got to meet my ex roommate since 1st year ♥♥

KaChe aka the addition roommate ♥♥

One happy family but still missing one more person ;'(

The complete family ♥♥

Junior with their senior ♥♥

Senior and senior and senior heee ♥♥

Congratulations my dear sista ♥♥

Take some "barakah" from her..maybe mine next heee ♥♥

The trio are here again after been separated

That's all for the beautiful scene event person that I got on that day..unforgettable memories that I'll never forget especially one of us already married and next we still don't know who hahahaha..

Done with the wedding and I had to go and fetched the bus since tomorrow is Monday blues grrrr..thanks to my sista again for dropping me by the puduraya..till we meet again (^3^)/

*p/s guess what time I arrived home? It was 5am and then 7am gotta go to work huuuu..what a hectic life of me hahahaha

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